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Company History


Formumetrics Ltd. was founded in 2011 by previous employees of The Bristol Colloid Centre (BCC), a well-renowned scientific consultancy group with dedicated laboratory facilities and staff at the University of Bristol. All of the Formumetrics scientific team are previous members of the BCC and have technological excellence in colloid and surface science, based on years of experience, which is already held in regard with leading companies in the target sectors.

During its lifetime, the BCC had accumulated an active client list of more than 500 companies worldwide. Colloid science is a cross cutting discipline which is implicit in a vast array of products which is substantiated by the astonishing range of programs that the BCC had undertaken. The BCC collaborated across an impressive range of market sectors, some of which include; pharmaceutical, personal care, household goods, oil products and exploration, engineering, cements and food and flavourings.

The History

The BCC was set up in 1993 for two main reasons. The first reason being that it would provide a direct benefit to the Chemistry department at the University of Bristol and the second reason being that there was a genuine desire to be able to aid the UK manufacturing industry with their colloid problems. At that time, the normal academic routes for research were through postdoctoral workers or Ph.D. students, but for many industries these were not appropriate either in speed of response or cost.

The original idea for the BCC was to have two types of “technology transfer” interaction, the first via training support, or more generally information. The second was by use of research programmes.

Information activities comprised primarily of the design and development of a set of training courses for industrialists in specialist colloid science subjects, and the production of an “Awareness Forum”. The latter had the intention of bringing together suppliers and formulators in a variety of industries to exchange scientific and technical knowledge.

In planning the research activities it was a key feature that the BCC had the ability to respond rapidly with very well qualified and experienced staff. Confidentiality was always maintained and in most cases the cover of a confidentiality or secrecy agreement was used.

The final activity of the BCC was “generic” research work. These research programmes were conducted in a similar manner to the academic routes, where work was completed through student projects and EPSRC funding. There was one main difference however, the main intention was to work closely with the member companies for the duration of the work in order to ensure that their expectations were met and to provide ideas by which they could profit.

When it was set up in 1993, there were two full-time laboratory scientists, one of whom was Dr Cheryl Flynn, and the directors of the centre were Professor Brian Vincent and Professor Jim Goodwin who were leverhulme Professor of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and Head of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bristol respectively. Five and a bit years later, still under the directorship of Professor Brian Vincent and Professor Jim Goodwin, the centre had grown to seven full-time scientific staff, including Dr Paul Reynolds as the Manager, Dr Roy Hughes as the Deputy Manager and Dr Cheryl Flynn, Dr Samantha Hutton and Dr Keith Bean, along with two part-time administrators.

At the point of its closure in 2011, the centre comprised eleven scientists including Dr Keith Bean, Dr Claire Jenkins, Dr Samantha Hutton and Dr Cheryl Flynn, and an administrator. 




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